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What Is This Site For
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Foto Natalia Lemiesz

THE SITE IS DEVOTED to the standardization and development of the new written East Slavic language, Podlachian, which is spoken in several dialectal forms by some 50,000 people in the eastern region of Poland called Podlachia (and perhaps by as many as 500,000 people in Belarus and Ukraine, but this number needs to be confirmed yet). Up to now, these people have been deemed to speak a peripheral variety of either Belarusian or Ukrainian, depending on their ethnic identification. We, however, believe that their dialects belong to a distinct language, which should be given a consistent written form and determined support. Since no suitable army or navy is in sight, we think that Podlachian should be wholeheartedly supported by not only native speakers, but also writers and readers, native and foreign alike. And by singers. Apart from a heavy load of highly stimulating grammatical stuff and several polemic notes on the inward and outward beauty of Podlachian (which we also sometimes call Svoja), you can find here some writing, reading, and singing you have never seen or heard before. Enjoy!

If you want to share a word of criticism, admiration or indignation with us, please do not hesitate to do this. In essence, we can answer you with the same in Podlachian, Polish, Belarusian, or English. And we can also read with some understanding in German, French, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

* * *

The site Svoja.org neither pursues nor intends to pursue any profitable purpose. It is maintained and developed basing exclusively on efforts and funds of Aleksander and Jan Maksymiuk. If you feel like having something to contribute to the site, please be advised that your only reward will be a possible [in]gratitude of visitors. We assume you have been warned :-)