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Rules of This Site
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You can freely use and re-use Svoja.org materials provided that you give a credit to us. But we disclaim any responsibility for any troubles they may land you in.

Although we are friendly toward any language you may use with regard to us, please be aware of the sensitivities of others and try to follow our minimal Rules for Comments:

  1. Do not comment off-topic; on-topic is this (and any other) language and whatever is related to it;
  2. If you cannot restrain yourself and want to leave an off-topic comment, please use the General Bullshit box; your off-topic comment, if posted outside this box, will be removed by the moderator or administrator of this site;
  3. Do not use offensive, obscene, or defamatory words with regard to people whom we may or may not know;
  4. Please be concise as much as possible and do not post any extensive quotes (use links instead);
  5. Please don’t be afraid to reveal your real name; we don’t hide ours.