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Wiktor Stachwiuk (Podlachian: Viktor Stachvijuk; Belarusian: Віктар Стахвюк) was born on June 1, 1948, in the village of Trystianka in the Białystok region, into a family of peasants, Vładimir and Anna. He completed the Belarusian-language secondary school in Bielsk, a technical high school in Białystok, where he mastered telecommunications, and the Belarusian philology in Warsaw (1973). Since 2000 he has worked with the Białystok-based Radio Racyja, which he co-founded.

During his youth and adult years he was busy with social, cultural, and political matters: he dealt with making films by university students; founded a club of divers and organized their trips to Italy, Greece, Spain, Corsica, and Croatia; held individual and joint exhibitions of his paintings; worked as secretary of the Belarusian Social and Cultural Association and coordinator of the Belarusian Democratic Union in Poland; organized Belarusian election committees. In 1990s, when he worked as a private entrepreneur, he registered, in Seoul, the first Belarusian sea vessel under the white-red-white flag.

In 2002 the Belarusian Literary Association „Белавежа” published his collection of poems in Belarusian and Podlachian under the title of Багровы цень. Most of the Podlachian-language poems from this collection are available on this site. In 2006 he published the book Siva zozula about his native village, Trystianka. Excerpts from this books are also published on this site.

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